Turkey Craft



How cute is this little turkey for your Thanksgiving children’s table?  Your children will love putting these together!

What you’ll need:

-Brown tulle (I got a yard and cut several square about 9″x9″)

-Orange ribbon (or any color you like!  I cut each one 10″)

-Googly eyes (2 per turkey)

-Brown pipe cleaners

-Orange pip cleaners (cut about 2 inches)

-Enjoy Life chocolate chips

-Glue ( I used Elmer’s liquid glue)


Place a tulle square on your work space.  Place the handful of chocolate chips in the middle.  Gather the 4 corners of the tulle and place the ribbon around it and double knot the ribbon.

Take your brown pipe cleaner and start curling it downwards like a spiral.  Leave a short straight piece at the end for the neck.  Now, take your two inch orange pipe cleaner and slide it behind the edge of the spiral, where you want the nose to go.  Pinch it forward so it stays put and the nose is sticking out.

Lay the turkey head flat on your workspace and place a big dot of glue in the middle and place your eye on the glue.  Allow it to dry before flipping over and doing the other side.  Once glue is dry stick the straight piece of the pipe cleaner (the neck) behind the ribbon and secure it by pushing it through the tulle and hooking the end.

Your turkey is complete!  Lay it in the middle of a plate for a cute Thanksgiving table decoration!


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