IMG_1878Alyson Poling and Chrisie Spain are the founders of The Willow Life.  Chrisie and Alyson reconnected in 2017 after bumping into each other in a doctor’s office.  Chrisie had a thriving yoga business and Alyson was thriving in her fitness business.  However, that day something seemed to be fate and they decided to meet at their favorite local juice bar to talk about their passions of health and wellness.  That lunch was the beginning of something special.  About a year later after leading several programs and cooking classes together, they decided to make their business together official and launched The Willow Life.  The Willow Life is a place to find inspiration to live a healthy and balanced life.  Living healthy is not just about working out or eating healthy foods (even though those are big pieces of the puzzle) but it’s about our whole self being and performing it’s best and that’s where The Willow Life comes in.  At The Willow Life, We want to be the teacher, the friend, the guider, the shoulder, the door, the avenue for our clients to find their way on their healthy living journey.  Each person’s journey is different and that’s why it can become overwhelming with all of the conflicting health and wellness information out there.  We hope to be able to make the healthy living transition easy and fun.  We both have such a passion for health and wellness and want to spread that passion to all of those around us.


Alyson Poling is certified in fitness training and fitness nutrition since 2011 and 2013.  She loves learning about all things healthy living.  During her research, Alyson stumbled upon Keri Glassman’s program The Nutritious Life and became Nutritious Life certified in 2017.  In 2017, she also enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and will graduate in November 2018 to become a holistic health coach.